Why many bisexuals don’t come out as gay people do?

With gay marriage legal in more and more states in the United States and outside of the countries, people get to know more about gays, lesbians and transgender people. But what about bisexuals in LGBT community? Bisexuals still feel alone and many of them often think to themselves, “where are the rest of us?” When people share their experience on Bisexual Chat Rooms, some of them have found the similar feelings like that before join bisexual dating sites or other communities.

When queer kids talk to their parents, they may get the response like: work your ass off to get out of there. Get a college or a big city where you can find a community of people who’ll love and support you as you are. The same scene may happen to show on some tv shows as well.

Researchers of a Pew Research Center survey found that only 28 percent of bisexuals come out to their friends and families about their sexual orientation. And only 12 percent of bisexual men come out of the closet. However, the data is 71 percent for lesbians and 77 percent for gays.

The fear of stigma and damage to their relationships keeps many bisexuals in the closet, report researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, in New York City. The stigma comes from people’s wrong thoughts to bisexuals. Many people think that bisexuals are simply indecisive because they are sexually confused. They don’t admit bisexuality as a sexual orientation and would like to define bisexual people as greedy since they can choose partner from both gender and swing both ways.

Despite the stereotypes, bisexuals face their own challenges as well. The L and the B Both belonging to the LGBT community, while many lesbians see bisexual as unfaithful partner and always reject bisexual women by saying they will abandon them for men finally. Many bisexuals share this kind of feelings at bisexual chat rooms. As a matter of fact, More women switched from identifying as lesbians to bisexuals than vice versa.

Other reasons for bisexuals not revealing their bisexuality to people close to them, including: negative emotional reactions; harm to relationships with wives or girlfriends, and previous negative reactions to disclosure.

As we can see, coming out as bisexual isn’t something that can happen so easily as the gay does. For bisexuals, we need somewhere and some people who love us to come out. That’s why many bisexuals come to online bisexual websites and bisexual chat rooms to chat and share their feelings and experience with others. And for those who have come out of the closet, many of them had come out at bisexual dating sites first.

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