Hey, let me tell you something about bisexual

Despite all of the achievements the LGBT community has made in recent decades, bisexuals are still looked upon with confusion and stigma, even including gays and lesbians. Bisexual Chat Rooms will talk about that stigma that bisexuals have suffered all the way but only bullshit:

Bisexuals are confused

No. Bisexuals are not confused, and it is real. Yes, some people do transition from being bi to gay or lesbian, but not all the bisexual personals are like that. Some of them are just bi curious people who want to know more about their own bedroom preferences. If you have used any bisexual chat rooms, you will find that.

Bisexuals are not confused which gender to love, nor prefer one gender over the other.

Bisexual women always cheat on their partners

Being bisexual not means that they are going to leave you or cheat on you because of our insatiable urge for dick. Your insecurities are your problem. Don't take them out on bisexual women. Plus, when a bisexual girl is dating a guy, she is still bisexual. Her sexuality doesn’t change.

All the bisexual women want to have a threesome

People tend to assume that bisexual women are always down for a three-way since bisexuals are attracted by both genders. Some bisexuals are into threesomes, that’s true. But not all of them. That's should not the first thing pop into your mind when you are dating a bisexual woman.

Just like straight people, some like threesomes and others will not accept one.

Bisexuals are down for everything

Many people assume that bisexuals are totally down for any sexual act whatsoever, with whoever, no strings attached every time. No, they are not. Don't expect that bisexuals are down for all of your unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Bisexuals have boundaries and some of them are just vanilla.

One is not a real bisexual if she never had sex with a girl

Is that mean they have to actually have sex with someone before they can claim a sexual orientation? I guess all those straight virgins would be fine sleeping with someone of the same gender because they can’t really be straight or gay.